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Environmental Policy

The George Inn is fully committed to caring for the environment and maximising guest enjoyment and comfort during their stay in Robertsbridge.

We encourage a sense of environmental responsibility by the following:

• Promoting our Environmental Policy for all our guests to read and understand

• We are committed to saving water by using dual flush toilets and only having showers available instead of baths in our guest bedrooms

• Where possible, we use light bulbs suitable for low energy, long life usage and have low voltage lighting circuits

• Where possible, corridor lighting is controlled by motion sensors

• Where possible, we use the lowest commercial rated or most efficient new appliances for cooking, washing and chilling

• For extended stays, guests can opt out to have their towels changed after 3 days.

• We minimise the use of the business vehicle as far as possible and combine trips with other purposes.

• All business suppliers are based within a 30 mile radius thus reducing food miles, which includes locals from the village for fresh fruit and vegetables

• All staff members are local and are encouraged to use other forms of transport apart from their cars as and when they can

• We compost waste where possible, and recycle using the facilities offered by the local council and within the village

• We request that all suppliers take back their own packaging and reuse where possible

• In quieter months, we turn heating down to a minimum

• All staff are encouraged to close doors, turn off lights and be aware of energy consumption